FIPP heeft een WMM Guide app gelanceerd

FIPP has launched its WMM Guide app, powered by MagazineCloner technology

The WMM Guide: Licensing & Syndication Explained report is now published as an app. A partner report to FIPP’s Worldwide Magazine Marketplace event, The WMM Guide is a report aimed at publishers and media owners looking to take the first steps towards international expansion.

The WMM Guide app is powered by MagazineCloner, a London based digital solutions provider. Authored by John Cabell and Mike Greehan of Cue Ball, The WMM Guide provides an invaluable introduction to the world of licensing and syndication. From finding the perfect partner and negotiating the contract, to syndicating digital content and licensing websites, The WMM Guide offers insightful and practical advice from industry experts and a step-by-step guide to international success.

It also includes invaluable sample contracts including sample tender sheet, business plan template, letter of intent, term sheet author’s agreement, and photographer’s agreement sourced.

The WMM Guide app is available across a range of platforms including iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Kindle Fire.

Commenting on The WMM Guide app launch, FIPP president and CEO Chris Llewellyn, said: “The WMM Guide app allows publishers instant access to key licensing and syndication information at all times, a prerequisite for cross-border publishers in this day and age. We are pleased to be able to partner with MagazineCloner, renowned for its reach to a global audience since the launch of the iPad.”

Ian Remmer, Sales Director of MagazineCloner said: “We are very pleased to be working with FIPP and their prestigious publications and we look forward to producing more apps and digital editions for them in the future.”

Download the WMM Guide app:
WMM Guide on iOS
WMM Guide on Windows 8